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Alliance details - RAZOR Alliance
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RAZOR Alliance Kills: 48077 Executor:
Losses: 32348 Members:
Damage done (ISK): 6644.71B Start Date:
Damage received (ISK): 2969.66B Number of Corps:
Efficiency: 69.11%

Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
November, 20152,268241.411,515124.0366.06%
October, 20152,830403.722,231202.9866.54%
September, 20151,974285.671,685141.5166.87%
August, 20152,655562.812,373183.0075.46%
January, 201400.003,745673.040.00%
December, 20134,514634.333,170246.0172.06%
November, 20137,864826.644,200306.4272.96%
October, 20134,473830.114,210363.2669.56%
March, 20125,409893.142,823214.0380.67%
February, 20124,263516.311,870137.9978.91%
January, 20125,413622.692,278223.4773.59%
December, 20113,853485.371,02282.6985.44%
November, 20112,561342.511,22671.2382.78%


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