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Alliance details - RAZOR Alliance
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RAZOR Alliance Kills: 43004 Executor:
Losses: 28471 Members:
Damage done (ISK): 6468.97B Start Date:
Damage received (ISK): 2492.91B Number of Corps:
Efficiency: 72.18%

Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
May, 201635344.6920213.9376.24%
April, 20164,642409.273,616182.2169.19%
March, 20163,336576.442,719199.7574.26%
February, 20162,335370.762,296270.5857.81%
January, 20162,550431.632,294214.6166.79%
December, 20153,128420.512,000237.1463.94%
November, 20153,701517.731,804152.3877.26%
October, 20152,830403.722,232203.0366.54%
September, 20151,974285.671,685141.5166.87%
August, 20152,655562.812,373183.0075.46%
July, 20152,396403.782,238194.8267.45%
June, 20151,566505.381,366154.3176.61%
May, 20151,892392.331,218151.2572.17%
April, 20155,901633.1189767.9490.31%
March, 20153,745511.151,531126.4380.17%


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