Kills Posted in Last Hour: 19
Corporation details - Rifterlings
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Alliance: Zero.Four Ops CEO: Fintarue
Kills: 0 HQ: Sirekur VIII - Moon 1 - Republic University
Losses: 12627 Members: 127
Damage done (ISK): 0B Shares: 20001
Damage received (ISK): 859.39B Tax Rate: 8%
Efficiency: 0% Website:
Our rifter who burns in space,
Hot be thine guns.
Thine glorious whelp come,
Thine scram be done,
On gates as it is in plexs.
Give us this day our daily pew,
And rep our armor
As bursts rep our shields
Lead us not into the broko camp
But help us blap Ewar.

Diplomats: Fintarue, Sara Navorski, Hero Avada
For Recruitment: Join our pub channel: weflyrifters
Our Flag:
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
July, 201600.00424.300.00%
June, 201600.0023217.830.00%
May, 201600.0035128.720.00%
April, 201600.0048126.150.00%
March, 201600.0030310.680.00%
February, 201600.0043845.560.00%
January, 201600.0053629.930.00%
December, 201500.0049141.500.00%
November, 201500.0044457.470.00%
October, 201500.0099587.710.00%
September, 201500.0094890.900.00%
August, 201500.0038432.410.00%
July, 201500.0038734.220.00%
June, 201500.0060550.600.00%
May, 201500.0055554.410.00%
April, 201500.0077839.950.00%
March, 201500.0086050.730.00%
February, 201500.001,26748.940.00%
January, 201500.001,22352.830.00%
December, 201400.0071031.040.00%
November, 201400.0059723.510.00%


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