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Corporation details - Deep Core Mining Inc.
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Alliance: CEO: Yashunen Munalala
Kills: 22067 HQ: Paara I - Deep Core Mining Inc. Mining Outpost
Losses: 24863 Members: 141348
Damage done (ISK): 3806.67B Shares: 1319961277
Damage received (ISK): 10068.42B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 27.44% Website:
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
August, 201517841.7826725.5362.07%
July, 20151,115203.701,751230.5646.91%
June, 20151,270164.961,583180.2747.78%
May, 20151,506278.881,951622.6930.93%
April, 20151,957359.532,039152.9870.15%
March, 20152,337349.122,059148.8970.10%
February, 20151,794275.361,933181.9960.21%
January, 20152,826509.622,560185.2473.34%
December, 20141,928350.202,265176.9266.44%
November, 20141,523350.691,873155.6169.27%
October, 20141,111201.961,743162.6555.39%
September, 20141,263188.641,327129.7659.25%
August, 20141,507214.481,720137.4360.95%
July, 20141,752317.751,7927,577.914.02%


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