Kills Posted in Last Hour: 440
Corporation details - Sniggerdly
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Alliance: Pandemic Legion CEO: Grath Telkin
Kills: 69665 HQ: G-G78S X - Moon 11 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery
Losses: 7771 Members: 538
Damage done (ISK): 17703.32B Shares: 1100
Damage received (ISK): 1380.55B Tax Rate: 0.1%
Efficiency: 92.77% Website:
ima make these suckas recognize i aint playin ho
if you violate off the top trick you gotta go
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
May, 20163,588660.3044586.7788.39%
April, 20165,9891,657.96640102.0294.20%
March, 20165,8421,456.37586134.9391.52%
February, 20163,0701,016.6043866.2793.88%
January, 20164,6931,459.7745267.2795.59%
December, 20153,7741,170.3643269.2994.41%
November, 20153,9671,094.9537067.8694.16%
October, 20153,1731,025.4635957.2694.71%
September, 20152,9111,536.26368105.0993.60%
August, 20153,203479.5239292.6583.81%
July, 20152,994789.4838964.7192.42%
June, 20153,1521,035.70379120.2889.59%
May, 20154,4831,611.68675100.5594.13%
April, 20154,418958.40738109.6189.74%
March, 20158,934985.4668167.2493.61%
February, 20155,474765.0642768.7691.75%


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