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Kills Posted in Last Hour: 341
Corporation details - Sniggerdly
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Alliance: Pandemic Legion CEO: Grath Telkin
Kills: 42207 HQ: G-G78S X - Moon 11 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Refinery
Losses: 3772 Members: 542
Damage done (ISK): 10207.39B Shares: 1100
Damage received (ISK): 1093.36B Tax Rate: 0.1%
Efficiency: 90.32% Website:
ima make these suckas recognize i aint playin ho
if you violate off the top trick you gotta go
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
July, 20143,025642.2935994.5287.17%
June, 20144,604672.9530839.8994.40%
May, 20145,6371,055.4631457.2694.85%
April, 20145,738798.9832128.1496.60%
March, 20144,288589.5334527.6995.51%
February, 20143,736644.1834435.3894.79%
January, 20145,2894,043.66607553.1487.97%
December, 20135,5401,079.66612173.6986.14%
November, 20134,350680.6756283.6689.05%


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