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Kills Posted in Last Hour: 714
Corporation details - Brave Newbies Inc.
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Alliance: Brave Collective CEO: Lychton Kondur
Kills: 153427 HQ: Agil VI - Moon 2 - CONCORD Logistic Support
Losses: 432485 Members: 11305
Damage done (ISK): 14148.79B Shares: 1000
Damage received (ISK): 7426.94B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 65.58% Website:
Audaces Fortuna Juvat
Join us and play EVE like it was meant to.
Lychton Kondur
Lquid Drisseg
To initiate diplomatic contact, please join our BRAVE Diplomacy chat channel.
Cagali Cagali
For general questions and enrollment, please join the
Brave Newbies chat channel.
Our DUST corp is:
Brave Bunnies
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
March, 20151,384107.482,92259.5564.35%
February, 201512,254897.8722,382458.2766.21%
January, 201513,2741,211.3830,033664.1964.59%
December, 201411,384899.7433,864554.4161.87%
November, 20147,284804.4318,535448.8164.19%
October, 20147,118579.5810,784304.1565.58%
September, 20148,374639.7614,396370.6363.32%
August, 20148,448594.8613,949268.3768.91%
July, 20147,301445.1915,244280.2461.37%
June, 20149,191608.3519,102331.1964.75%
May, 20147,412547.2923,077347.7961.14%
April, 20145,164336.8316,633277.6554.82%
March, 20148,305577.5031,806483.2754.44%
February, 20147,709476.8130,522407.5853.91%
January, 20146,5143,336.5618,372328.4891.04%
December, 20134,802299.2614,983272.7952.31%
November, 20133,448224.6410,822197.2053.25%
October, 20133,076440.518,854157.7073.64%
September, 20132,791222.338,829155.6158.83%
August, 20133,816239.6611,517189.2955.87%
July, 20131,99993.7510,442133.6241.23%
June, 20131,91190.1010,477160.6835.93%
May, 20134,798188.0017,962195.4949.02%
April, 20132,855120.6610,303122.5849.61%
March, 20131,91790.2512,372126.8741.57%
February, 201389876.0114,298130.4536.82%
January, 201300.0050.090.00%


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