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Kills Posted in Last Hour: 377
Corporation details - GoonWaffe
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Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: The Mittani
Kills: 232723 HQ: S-U8A4 V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
Losses: 95673 Members: 2625
Damage done (ISK): 36567.8B Shares: 100000
Damage received (ISK): 5770.77B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 86.37% Website:
FNLN: i killed my moms and my god. j/k. god isn't real and is a human concept. do babys ever think of god? no. because hes fake. baby geniuses was true... i guess.
dintlu: babies they cannot talk. if they know of god they cannot communicate of god. in growing they learn about adults needs to control information: Knowledge is Power. the baby genious indulges the moronic parent
FNLN: the baby thinks. it looks. ity understands. baby becomes ahigher being. baby is chrsit itself....??? maybe in your world. but you're in our world now.
dintlu: god is the ultimate. he is every baby
dintlu: also in every baby. he is their past and present. not their future. babys are left by god and become neitchze
dintlu: the baby grows and the baby is dead but not dead. only god is dead
FNLN: the baby. it always was about the baby. never about me, or her... just. ababy.
dintlu: you communicate. you are grown, not a baby, godless adult: resized devil
FNLN: holy shit
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
November, 20143,352427.852,199132.3076.38%
October, 20145,0921,636.062,275165.2390.83%
September, 20144,963534.202,039153.5477.67%
August, 20146,959765.072,552138.6684.66%
July, 20145,836676.522,843202.1776.99%
June, 20144,978436.202,338144.7475.09%
May, 20146,861814.902,731207.1979.73%
April, 20145,652986.195,196193.6083.59%
March, 20148,648769.483,979259.6574.77%
February, 20147,231558.083,744162.5377.45%
January, 20146,9716,186.963,084314.0495.17%
December, 20135,167984.322,360168.2485.40%
November, 20135,152828.981,955129.2786.51%
October, 20134,432502.611,748132.2479.17%
September, 20133,516336.262,288122.8573.24%
August, 20135,127469.223,196138.2577.24%
July, 201314,4501,566.844,190245.4386.46%
June, 201313,7131,429.504,501238.1485.72%
May, 20137,869912.272,593140.4886.66%
April, 20134,7281,048.202,974155.1487.11%
March, 20137,6851,116.462,138131.2789.48%
February, 20137,512463.162,290103.3881.75%
January, 20135,596944.261,515271.0377.70%
December, 20124,790545.151,44174.5787.97%
November, 20122,8951,064.0183460.4394.63%
October, 20124,2461,162.401,17176.9093.80%
September, 20124,6801,092.331,309125.3989.70%
August, 20128,2441,471.151,882159.9790.19%
July, 20129,833976.413,403172.6084.98%
June, 20123,223304.341,96985.1478.14%
May, 20123,955547.031,80490.5385.80%
April, 20127,6591,134.283,825162.0487.50%
March, 20125,327896.562,053108.4489.21%
February, 20125,677694.971,905121.6485.10%
January, 20125,268620.722,000187.8276.77%
December, 20115,167639.752,47997.8086.74%
November, 20112,552245.642,20266.6878.65%
October, 20114,252325.671,55364.4183.49%
September, 20113,465453.831,11567.0687.13%


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