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Corporation details - GoonWaffe
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Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: The Mittani
Kills: 241077 HQ: S-U8A4 V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
Losses: 109118 Members: 2918
Damage done (ISK): 36018.87B Shares: 100000
Damage received (ISK): 5906.32B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 85.91% Website:
FNLN: i killed my moms and my god. j/k. god isn't real and is a human concept. do babys ever think of god? no. because hes fake. baby geniuses was true... i guess.
dintlu: babies they cannot talk. if they know of god they cannot communicate of god. in growing they learn about adults needs to control information: Knowledge is Power. the baby genious indulges the moronic parent
FNLN: the baby thinks. it looks. ity understands. baby becomes ahigher being. baby is chrsit itself....??? maybe in your world. but you're in our world now.
dintlu: god is the ultimate. he is every baby
dintlu: also in every baby. he is their past and present. not their future. babys are left by god and become neitchze
dintlu: the baby grows and the baby is dead but not dead. only god is dead
FNLN: the baby. it always was about the baby. never about me, or her... just. ababy.
dintlu: you communicate. you are grown, not a baby, godless adult: resized devil
FNLN: holy shit
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
April, 20143,756368.551,576103.3278.10%
March, 20148,410767.283,298243.6575.90%
February, 20147,219556.243,725162.3677.41%
January, 20146,9416,181.413,052311.6195.20%
December, 20135,134978.142,337165.2985.54%
November, 20135,133825.521,946128.1786.56%
October, 20134,432502.611,738130.7479.36%
September, 20133,516336.262,283122.6473.27%
August, 20135,127469.223,185137.7877.30%
July, 201314,4221,559.604,178245.2386.41%
June, 201313,6881,429.594,499237.7785.74%
May, 20137,864911.482,593140.4886.65%
April, 20134,7211,047.412,965154.9587.11%
March, 20137,6851,116.462,132131.2589.48%
February, 20137,512463.162,281103.0181.81%
January, 20135,596944.261,515271.0377.70%
December, 20124,789545.151,44174.5787.97%
November, 20122,8951,064.0183360.4094.63%
October, 20124,2441,160.631,16676.8993.79%
September, 20124,6731,092.101,304125.3989.70%
August, 20128,2121,470.421,875159.6290.21%
July, 20129,771974.703,301171.4385.04%
June, 20123,223304.341,93284.7078.23%
May, 20123,945546.691,77890.4185.81%
April, 20127,5721,133.233,658159.9187.63%
March, 20125,325896.561,988108.0989.24%
February, 20125,670694.961,899121.6385.10%
January, 20125,260620.571,989187.8276.77%
December, 20115,166639.672,47397.6586.76%
November, 20112,538245.542,17366.5878.67%
October, 20114,251325.661,55364.4183.49%
September, 20113,465453.831,11567.0687.13%
August, 20112,859305.5783941.0088.17%
July, 20113,763499.691,266108.5682.15%
June, 20112,170280.981,14272.2679.54%
May, 20112,935395.361,07877.8583.55%
April, 20112,487283.501,29487.9576.32%
March, 20111,750182.161,17674.3171.03%
February, 20113,250224.071,43078.3274.10%
January, 20114,509647.331,564166.3079.56%
December, 20103,480611.651,28768.5989.92%
November, 20101,713204.3288887.5470.01%
October, 20101,674177.5987249.5678.18%
September, 201092668.121,19032.4367.75%
August, 201093580.8987925.5576.00%
July, 201094358.4092527.4068.07%
June, 20102,022156.051,42646.7876.94%
May, 20102,247371.761,31662.2385.66%
April, 20102,006255.041,95184.6675.08%
March, 20102,020261.261,76654.3082.79%
February, 20103,049220.742,77784.8972.23%
March, 200910.3600.00100.00%
December, 200810.0200.00100.00%
November, 2008121.0500.00100.00%
August, 2008191.6870.1989.66%
July, 2008546.23200.2096.84%
June, 200810.0800.00100.00%
December, 20062709.871301.3787.81%
November, 200674021.209408.9070.42%
October, 200670918.639329.3566.58%
September, 200694113.011,6607.1564.54%
August, 20061532.867934.9436.66%
July, 200644311.232,66217.0939.64%
June, 20062565.521,4109.7936.03%
May, 20062175.754263.4262.67%
April, 20062729.117736.0660.06%
March, 2006952.595181.5362.90%


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