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Corporation details - Creative Cookie Procuring
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Alliance: CEO: Tsumei Meyren
Kills: 2745 HQ: Ishomilken IX - Moon 14 - Perkone Factory
Losses: 491 Members: 21
Damage done (ISK): 336.24B Shares: 1000
Damage received (ISK): 36.2B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 90.28% Website:
Greetings, and thank you for your interest in Creative Cookie Procuring [Girl.]!
Before you can be accepted into our corp there's a few questions we must ask. So please when contacting us fill out the below form, as honestly and completely as possible.
Question 1:
For what corporation/alliance/entity are you spying?
Question 2:
Do you prefer the term: Spy, Covert Operative, Intelligence Specialist, or Espionage Agent?
Question 3:
While spying for the above corporation/alliance/entity, will you provide us with "good fights" or is the group your spying for interested only in ganks?
Question 4a:
Do you have previous experience acting as spy?
Question 4b:
If yes, do you have amusing stories an anecdotes you can tell to entertain us of past exploits? Please provide an example.
Question 5:
Do you seek a permanent position, or is this a temporary position for a short-term goal?
Question 6:
While acting as a spy, what other skills/abilities/benefits do you bring to us as a corp member?
Once you have completed the above questionnaire please, please feel free to contact our CEO: Tsumei Meyren, or Director: Chaos Dreams, and to join us in our public channel: Cruentus
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
August, 201310.0220.703.09%
February, 201300.0030.350.00%
January, 201300.0010.550.00%
December, 201210.1050.3025.20%
November, 2012242.73141.0172.90%
October, 201230634.96221.9894.65%
September, 201221029.74202.7391.60%
August, 201216219.15281.8691.16%
July, 201224319.21524.1682.20%
June, 201232651.92473.8893.05%
May, 201228429.63544.4886.86%
April, 201232623.29884.8682.74%
March, 201224725.60583.1689.02%
February, 201217048.52482.3995.31%
January, 201244551.36493.8293.08%


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