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Kills Posted in Last Hour: 835
Corporation details - Angels and Demons Inc.
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Alliance: Mordus Angels CEO: Kronos cte
Kills: 7254 HQ: 5ZXX-K V - Moon 17 - Mordu's Legion Testing Facilities
Losses: 2366 Members: 90
Damage done (ISK): 884.95B Shares: 10000000
Damage received (ISK): 188.36B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 82.45% Website:
Welcome to AADI
We are always looking for new members to our corporation,
So what do we do?
1. Mining Ops
2. Exploration Ops
3. Mission Ops
4. PVP if we have to do it.
5. Building things and other fun stuff.
6. Access to 0.0
7. Incursions
What are the rules?
1. Mission Running, the corp will take 10% to the corp, to keep the Corp hangar and pay for the alliance fee and other expenses.
2. You can get access to our BPO´s
3. Mining Ops, we do mining player ops, both for ICE and minerals, when the mining ops is going, the corp will buy these off you for a reasonable price if you want to sell them to us.
4. Corp Minings OPS, when running, is to pay and build things for Corp members,
5. The minerals will be used to build things to sell, like drones and so on.
6. IRL is the no 1 priority, eve is second.
7. Minerals will get used to make things for the corp and you as a member of it. Also have FUN, that is important. We do have Access also to TeamSpeak, so you need a head set to join in.
In Angels And Demons we expect people to treat each other with respect, in every aspect of both the game and everything related to it, be that forums, websites and voice services. Don’t write checks with your mouth, that which your ass can’t cash!
We expect you to help your corp mates and be considerate of their needs not acting greedy and selfishly in trying to make excessive profits off fellow corp members.
This is not a one man corp, it’s everyone’s corp, we share the work and we share the rewards.
And remember to treat corp members as you would like to be treated yourself.
In Eve as a whole, treat people with respect, don’t create enemies everywhere but instead try to create friends, you can’t have too many friends in EVE, especially when you´re located in null-sec. Because of our location in null-sec please keep in mind that we are a null-sec corp in a much larger alliance that is a member of larger still coalition of alliances.
Our kill board and status on the kill board affects our future opportunities and the space we are offered. We need to keep our losses be it ISK wise or ship numbers to as low a number as possible. We don't want to jeopardize or position in the coalition and the future privileges we might have. Just because we can afford to fly it then doesn't mean we should loss it.
Everyone will be heard about how and what they want the corp to do and be, but in disputes, there are only one guardian angel, the CEO, and he will always have the last say.
Above is what we expect of all Angels.
If the corp rules aren't followed you will be approached by the CEO or a corp director with a warning and a chance to explain your position. If the warning is ignored then you well be asked to remove your assets and be given 24 hours to leave the alliance and will be banned from all corporations within.

Live long and prosper, say The Demon.
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
October, 201415223.84343.4587.36%
September, 201421122.84672.9888.46%
August, 201465088.7710511.3288.69%
July, 2014459135.381475.7595.93%
June, 201452245.3417712.9577.78%
May, 201439838.251789.3280.42%
April, 201440554.9415811.5082.70%
March, 201426631.95873.6589.76%
February, 201438153.971093.9693.16%
January, 201445156.311284.2692.96%
December, 201374266.731034.9893.05%
November, 201331731.111045.8884.11%
October, 201330231.131248.0879.39%
September, 201330529.14524.4386.79%
August, 201320514.21282.4685.23%
July, 20131133.37301.6467.24%
June, 201320018.02373.7782.70%
May, 20138516.49456.2672.47%
April, 2013779.98323.1376.15%
March, 201321428.88478.5777.11%
February, 201312718.86415.5277.37%
January, 2013395.12493.2261.42%
December, 2012888.36652.8874.36%
November, 2012180.95367.5111.19%
October, 2012232.00246.8022.75%
September, 2012130.31252.6610.45%
August, 2012324.44402.0268.77%
July, 2012120.25143.377.03%
June, 2012182.0990.5678.75%
May, 201250.10270.7910.71%
April, 2012251.48240.7267.17%
March, 2012321.87163.2736.42%
February, 2012403.58147.0533.65%
January, 2012312.49180.7975.89%
December, 20118622.94418.5372.90%
November, 2011693.56375.5439.10%
October, 2011923.14314.4141.56%
September, 2011190.33120.7231.55%
August, 2011100.8871.1543.41%
July, 201100.0010.000.00%
June, 201100.0010.160.00%
May, 201100.0030.100.00%
April, 201100.0030.040.00%
March, 201100.0011.280.00%
January, 201100.0060.270.00%
December, 2010100.73100.2574.41%
November, 2010100.82160.2179.26%
July, 201000.0010.030.00%
May, 201000.0020.170.00%


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